Renfe barcelona to la molina

Renfe barcelona to la molina

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La Molina is one of the most beloved places by those who are loving snow, extreme sport of skiing, and as every day or rather every season was stronger and stronger traffic jams and difficult access due to the extensive line of cars seeking to reach this area, the molina Renfe barcelona, ​​barcelona renfe the molina from when this started, renfe barcelona to la molina.

They call it the white train, and is in operation since January two thousand and eleven, is a train that runs in season, especially on weekends, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in Spain, RENFE barcelona to molina, the journey from Barcelona departing from Playa Catalunya until the station Molina, is just two and a half hours, renfe barcelona to la molina.

That if the train leaves at six ten o’clock, you get to your destination at eight forty-three and if you come back, the train leaves at five forty of Molina, to get to Barcelona at eight fourteen night, Renfe barcelona to molina, all this service for less than ten euros, is incredible, so if you do not neglect because believe it or not, will sellout, renfe barcelona to la molina.

It also pulls a combined service, so you can enjoy the other seasons you can appreciate not only the beauty of the snow on this site, also different ways of practicing sport, is truly amazing, Renfe barcelona to molina We have always said that Renfe is a quality operator, but always exceeds our expectations, renfe barcelona to la molina.

Rail Europe - Train Tickets and Times



    I am arriving in Barcelona on 20th Feb. Please could you tell me the train times for journeys to La Molina (Ski)?

    Thank you.

    David Stedman

    • Good morning David, find a point to point tickets, from here: (( click here )).

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