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Train from paris to spain barcelona

We are talking about an international trip, so the train you choose to get from paris to Spain must cross the border, do not forget to bring documentation for these cases, is of utmost importance to take her hand and present it together with the ticket and booking, ren from paris to Spain, train from […]


Train from barcelona to ponferrada

The trip of your dreams begins on train from barcelona to ponferrada, because you say this, are different means of transport that exist at our disposal in today, but travel a destination to another using the train you will be apart of cheap a pleasurable experience when it comes to using it as your means […]


Train from barcelona to palencia

Within Spain there is a huge variety of places to visit during your trip in this country, where you see the constructions of different cities, relate to the culture of this country and also enjoy varied beaches at different points. If this is your case as a tourist at this time and do not know […]